July 27, 2012

Charles, Not Mark

This is the spectacular M13 globular cluster. I converted the image into greyscale to bump up the contrast a little. I will put the original color version at the end of the post. This is one of the objects that I am going to use to work on figuring out how to use this adaptor. It is very tricky to use as the focus is completely different and very difficult to achieve. Not the most spectacular photo, but really cool in my opinion!

Here is the original color version.

The red color comes largely from the light pollution I believe. It can be gotten rid of with some fancy tricks which I intend to learn, but for now, it stays. You can see how some of the stars are hotter and bluer, and how some are redder and cooler.


  1. Hey Graham, Neat photo. As i remember, M13 is a Globular Cluster and is very old, so old that most of the blue stars have burnt out already. I think the blue colour is another artifact from the camera that you will need to figure out how to remove to have a better representation of that image.

  2. Hey there. It is certainly a bit too blue, but I don't know by how much. Looking at pictures of it around the web it seems that it is fairly blue, even in the pictures from NASA, and the H-R diagram for it does show a fair number of blue stragglers. But again, there is a lot of extra blue and red in there. That is just the unedited RAW file. I did not take any Bias or Dark frames, so I cannot really process them properly. Cheers!