February 7, 2012

Round and Round the Merry-Go-Round

This kind of shot is very difficult to take in the city because of all the light. They almost always end up overexposed or really weird colors.

In this case, it is both overexposed and funny colors, but I like the effect. I also like the artifacts from the lens. The pink circle in the top left and the faint semicircles around it going towards the bottom right are from the streetlight that was just a little out of the frame.

These stars are all going around the north celestial pole. Polaris is in the center, the one star that is just a dot.

It is pretty neat how the ones in the center barely moved, but the ones at the edges moved a whole bunch. This is the same thing as on a merry go round. Standing in the center you are still, but as you move out you go faster and faster to get around in the same amount of time.

To take the photo, I set my camera up outside my door and pointed it up. I used the bulb exposure, and let it run for about 19 minutes. The ISO was 200 at f/5.6.

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