January 15, 2012

Stargazing in the past few days

It has been a good couple of days for photographing the stars. There have been a few evenings where I have managed to sneak in a few photos. If the weather stays the same as it is right now, I looks like I might just be able to grab some photos tonight as well.

Last night was spectacular around 6:00. Venus was high in the sky, Jupiter was shining away, Orion standing proud. There were some clouds off in the distance, but for a while they didnt bother me. The trouble is that to get any sort of definition to the stars, the exposure needs to be several minutes long, and by the time I had taken three photos, the clouds had rolled in, and it started to snow.

I am hopeful that tonight brings some clear weather as the forecast is not looking so great for the next week or so. Lots of rain....

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